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Selected Solo Exhibitions


2019 Donhwamun Gallery (Seoul)

2018 Pont des Arts Gallery (Seoul)

2017 The National Assembly of Korea- Central Hall (Seoul)

2017 Pont des Arts Gallery (Seoul)

2016 Michel Gallery (Seoul)

2016 Gallery Doo (Seoul)

2015 2U Gallery (Seoul)

2014 Konkuk Gallery (Seoul)

2013 Bon Gallery (Seoul)

2012 N Gallery ( Bundang, Sungnam city, Korea)

2011 Gasan Gallery (Seoul)

2000 Suga Gallery (Busan, Korea)

1996 Shine Gallery (EunSung Art Town, II-san)

1995 Fine Gallery (Seoul)

1994 Yee Mock Gallery (Seoul)

1994 Yon Sei Gallery (Seoul)

1993 Yee Mock Gallery (Seoul)

1991 Gasan Gallery (Seoul)

1991 Modern Art Gallery (L.A., U.S.A.)

1991 Ye-Hyang Gallery (Dongsung-Dong, Seoul)

1989 Hyun-Dai Gallery(Apkujung, Seoul)

1986 Seoul Gallery (Press Center, Seoul)

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